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Transaction is completed? Print the invoice or Note the order number that will be sent to you by email. Put the invoice or the order number inside the box. Go to Canada Post pay the fees and ship your shoes to :

448 Pierre-Lafontaine
Gatineau, Qc
J8T 5H3

You can also drop off your shoes at one of our drop off locations, no additional fees.

The resole and the return

We will receive your shoes and perform the resole as soon as we can do it (time can vary). We will ship them to you or drop them off at the desired location and you will enjoy their second life.



    The resole includes the repair of the sole and the rand

    (Current shop time : (around 4-6  weeks )

    Which rubber should I choose?

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    Additional repair services

    • + 15 $ / Pair
    • + 15 $ / Pair
    • + 10 $ / pair

    How should we return your shoes when repaired?

    Please select a way for us to return your shoes.

    • + 0 $
    • + 18 $
    • + 1.5 $