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ResoleResoling services


    The "Complete Resole" option is our famous resole recipe that has been worked on for many years. It includes the repair of the sole, rand, broken straps, damaged velcro, stitching repairs.

    This choice should definitely give a second life to your favorite climbing shoes!

    The "Custom" option includes the repair of the sole and the rand. It allows you to add or remove certain repair services depending on the condition of your climbing shoes. Carefully choose the repair service(s) and leave notes if necessary.

    Which rubber should I choose?

    It’s pretty simple, it depends on your preferences. Choose the XsEdge if you want a rigid and durable sole. Go to the XsGrip if you want a tacky sole that adheres well to surfaces.

    Additional repair services

    • + 15 $ / Pair
    • + 10 $ / Pair

    How should we return your shoes when repaired?

    Please select a way for us to return your shoes.

    • + 0 $
    • + 10 $
    • + 2 $